Our mission is to support a multi-phased artistic installation at the ADM grain silo facility in Toledo, Ohio. It will provide a stunning and welcoming visual to the gateway of our city with a universal and inclusive message of hope and positivity. Our goal is to showcase our city’s dedication to the arts and urban renewal, while telling a story about our rich and vibrant cultural history—past, present and future. Additionally, our intention is to highlight ADM’s purpose which is to unlock the power of nature to enrich the quality of life.


    Beckett Baither, Communica

    Jason Boyer, ADM

    Lisa Baer Dewhirst, Lyden, Chappell, and Dewhirst

    Christina Kasper, Urban Sight

    Nicole LeBoutillier, Urban Sight

    Nathan Mattimoe, Toledo Arts Commission

    Susan Reams, Art in Public Places Committee

    Brooke Schlageter-Graham, Education Consultant

    Valerie Thompson, ProMedica
    Kerry Wellstein, CREATE: Art Studio + Workshop​

    Brandy Alexander-Wimberly, Spaceshop



    ADM is a Chicago-based corporation recognized as a global leader in nutrition. They are the world’s premier agricultural organization and processing company, with a focus on providing access to nutrition worldwide.


    ADM operates a grain silo facility on the east bank of the Maumee River. In a very prominent location, the facility is visible from Interstate-75, the Maumee River and downtown Toledo. The silos are well preserved and regularly maintained.


    We have partnered with ADM to promote cultural awareness and beautification, under the supervision and guidance of our Steering Committee.


    Toledo has a long-standing tradition of being unique and vigorous in their support of the arts. From the Toledo Museum of Art’s founder Edward Drummond Libbey’s vision to build a place that was accessible to all, to the longest standing arts commission in the state and one of the early 1% for the Arts program in the country, Toledo has been devoted in their commitment. Our goal is to continue that tradition.


    For thousands of years, various cultures of indigenous peoples lived along the rivers of what is now northwestern Ohio and were the first farmers in the region. The site is recognized for its historic value and is designated with a plaque describing the fortification and its significance. It is a story that is seldom told, but steeped in rich history.


    Throughout the years, Toledo has celebrated its diversity and vibrant spirit. It is our vision to commemorate the history of our community and highlight the mission of ADM.


    ADM has a grain silo facility on the east bank of the Maumee River, near downtown Toledo. This facility is in a very prominent and visible location. It is can be seen from both Interstate 75, the river and the city’s downtown. The 160,000 square foot space designated for this installation is the western facing side of the facility and will include the 28 silos south of the facility office.


    Gabe Gault

    A Southern California native, Gabe Gault spent his formative years in Venice Beach where creativity, popular culture, and its colorful residents made a lasting impression. A reading disability caused him to turn his full attention to art as a way to express himself and explore his identity as a Black American.


    His current work employs classical painting techniques with modern subjects, with a particular focus on individuals dedicated to making a positive difference in our culture. His works often feature backgrounds with juxtaposing urban camouflage pattern and classical flora used as a story telling device. Much of his work showcases his intense passion and love for positive activism, which inspires him artistically, mentally, and spiritually.


    When it came to the Glass City River Wall mural project, Gault knew that his art could tell a powerful story for Toledo. “I want to tell a story that is colorful, bold, simple and readable,” he said. “My objective is to offer both an origin story, which honors the original farmers of the region, as well as providing an inspirational image for the future: a cornucopia of abundance and prosperity which speaks to ADM’s corporate governance and philanthropic contributions.”


    Notable works of Gabe Gault include: murals for the legendary Grande Ballroom in Detroit, Complex magazine, Nike and Nike Air. Commissions for the NAACP, Will and Jada Smith Foundation, UCLA’s Centennial “100 Years of Activism”, AMEND (13th Amendment) for Netflix, The Tommie Smith Youth Athletics Foundation, and ACLU of Southern California.


    For more information on Gault and his work, visit WWW.GABEGAULT.COM
    or find him @GABEGAULT on Instagram.


    Urban Sight Inc. is a non-profit entity partnered with the Toledo Community Foundation.
    All donations made through this partnership are tax deductible.
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    Press Contact:

    Joanne Frahn

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    Who: Artist Gabe Gault will be joined by local artists Dean Davis and Kodi Kolinski to execute a process mural, approximately 30'x35' in size, as part of the Glass City River Wall project. The mural will be located at 430 N. Superior Street and spearheaded by Croak Asset Management and Coney Island Hotdog.


    Local students will be involved through a service project called Home to Home—a collaboration between Scott High School and Ottawa Hills High School. Several students from the “Art in the Community” class at Cardinal Stritch will also be engaged to support the artists.

    What: On Monday, June 14, students will also participate in a mentoring roundtable, about career and character development, with a panel led by Kodi Kolinski, Tim Croak and Aly Sterling. Each student will receive the books, The Light: A Guide for Living Life with Awareness, Honor and Purpose by Tim Croak, and also 37: The Year I Stopped Making Excuses, Embraced My Power, and Launched my Million Dollar Business by Aly Sterling.


    When and Where: Monday, June 14, Roundtable Timeline


    11:45 a.m. Students are picked up at Scott High School and driven by the Glass City River Wall (1306 Miami St.) for scale and context.


    12:30 p.m. Students will have lunch at Coney Island Hot Dog, 430 N. Superior St, and meet with artist Kodi Kolinski.


    1:30 p.m. Students will proceed to Kolinski’s mural at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, 428 N. Erie St. He will discuss his career path, as well as the design, development, and implementation of the mural.


    2:00-3:00p.m. Students will arrive at Croak Asset Management, 432 N. Superior St, for a mentoring round table with the panel: Kodi Kolinski, Tim Croak and Aly Sterling.

    For more information as well as a list of supporters, visit glasscityriverwall.org and follow us @GlassCityRiverWall on Instagram and Facebook. To make a donation click here or visit glasscityriverwall.org.



    Painting to Begin First Week of June 2021

    What: The Glass City River Wall officially kicks off this week, as the base coat of paint will start being applied to the ADM grain facility, spanning 170,000 feet across 28 silos. When the mural is completed, it will be the largest mural in the country.


    Who: The artist, Gabe Gault, will bring the design and vision to life in partnership with lead painter and crew chief, Zak Warmann, owner of Detroit Sign Painters, and his seven-person team. Four members of the team are local Toledo artists, including Chris Rodriguez, Dean Davis, Yusuf Lateef and Connor Degnan. Ohio artist, Eric Henn, renowned for his work on large-scale murals​ and conical surfaces, will be joining as a consultant on the project in July.


    Where: The facility, which ADM has agreed to offer as a canvas for the purpose of this community-focused initiative, is visible from Interstate 75, the Maumee River and Toledo’s downtown. The Ohio Department of Transportation estimates that, on average, 82,365 vehicles pass the site daily.

    The site of the ADM silos on the Maumee River was first recognized for its value by the Native Americans and The Maumee continues to be one of the driving forces of Toledo’s economic prosperity.


    When: The painting begins this week with an anticipated completion date of August 2021, in advance of the 2021 Solheim Cup.


    Download the Official Press Release by clicking here.


    Local Group Partners with ADM to Bring Silo Mural Project to Life

    TOLEDO, Ohio, Feb. 2, 2021 — A group of local community advocates, business leaders and design professionals are collaborating to bring a unique, large-scale art installation to a ‘wall’ of silos in metro Toledo. The Glass City River Wall (GCRW) will be located at the ADM grain facility on the east bank of the Maumee River, and will include 28 silos measuring approximately 160,000 square feet. Click here to view the official media release. Or click here to download.


    Urban Sight Inc. is deeply invested in the Toledo, Ohio art community. Because of this, we have collaborated with the American Advertising Federation - Toledo Chapter (AAF Toledo) to facilitate the recruitment of local and diverse artists to take part in the community aspect of The Glass City River Wall project. With a strong connection to artists and marketing professionals in Toledo and the surrounding area, AAF Toledo will gather local artists interested in engaging with our visiting artist, Gabe Gault, the mural installation team from Detroit Sign Painters and achieved muralist, Eric Henn from Franklin, Ohio. Being a part of AAF Toledo not only provides these artists with the opportunity to learn about the project, but also introduces them to the benefits of AAF Toledo’s network, programming and resources.


    As part of the Glass City River Wall Education Collaboration, we are proud to partner with Lourdes University by engaging student artists. This educational and field experience will offer students the opportunity to engage with dynamic artist, Gabe Gault. Further interaction with the highly experienced mural installation team from Detroit Sign Painters and acclaimed muralist, Eric Henn will provide the foundation for this artistic immersion. Additionally, exposure to the workings of the non-profit sector, including Urban Sight Inc., will enhance this student experience.


    Reach out to learn more.